Guojing Tang

Country of origin: China

Associate, PwC

I chose to study at Lancaster, especially at LUMS, because of its solid reputation and rapid development. I have never regretted my choice.

There are so many things I loved about studying here. To begin with, the scenic university campus provides a pleasant environment to study. The cosy library is easy to use, and the newly built Sports Centre is one of the best I have seen; it is thanks to it that I developed my interest in wall climbing.

Moreover, there are a lot of student societies to meet everyone’s needs. I played volleyball, participated in weekly first-aid trainings and volunteered at Voltage – a project to help teenagers with their social enterprise ideas.

As for the programme, the BSc Finance is well-structured, which helped me equip myself with the essential knowledge in finance, while giving me flexibility in choosing my own electives. I was really interested in economics and thus chose all my electives in the Economics Department. I even wrote my dissertation in economics, even though I majored in finance.

Looking back, the Careers service at Lancaster University is truly helpful. There are always a lot of online resources, employability sessions and job events. The The Lancaster Award was one of the most useful things I did before graduation. Not only did it guide me towards enhancing my employability through different activities, but it also pushed me to prepare and practise my competency questions, which helped me a lot in my future job applications.

Finally, I just want to say that Lancaster provides every opportunity for students to explore their interests and exceed their limits. People here are very friendly and helpful. Studying here will in no doubt leave you with some of the best memories in your life.

After graduation, I did an MSc Finance at Imperial College London and got a job at PwC afterwards.