Tianyu Fang

Country of origin: China

MSc Accounting and Finance, University of Warwick

I chose LUMS because it is a top management school for accounting and finance and is globally renowned for research and teaching staff. Moreover, I liked the fact that the School had close relationships with the industry, which helps students find their dream careers.

Not only did the programme broaden my knowledge and perspectives in terms of financial accounting principles, but it also activated my interest to explore this area further. Principles of Financial Accounting module was my favourite in the programme. It introduces and explains the theories and practices of conducting and completing financial accounting and reporting. It also makes reference to some specific topics such as recognition and measurement of assets and reporting financial performance.

I am very proud of my internship in the Economic and Commercial Counsellor’s Office in Embassy of P.R. China in Iran. I supported diplomats in conducting business negotiations and writing reports such as ‘The Overview of the Economy Structure of Iran’, based on data from questionnaires, interviews and secondary resources. This job was a great challenge for me, since it required strong teamwork and research skills in analysing economic and financial information, communicating with government leaders and negotiating with representatives from other countries about international issues. This internship was not a part of my degree, but the diplomats told me they gave me this internship offer because of the great reputation of Lancaster University and LUMS!

The LUMS Careers support services are very helpful for getting dream jobs. The skills and techniques I learnt in the workshops were very practical and useful.

Plenty of extracurricular activities also formed an important part of my vibrant college life. I was involved in the Culture Society in my second year as a Chinese teacher and responsible for promoting my culture on campus. I taught Chinese to a small group of students from different countries. By teaching the language and encouraging students to conduct situational dialogues through some short classic Chinese articles, I began to be proud of my capability of increasing their interest in studying Chinese language and culture. More importantly, I made a lot of lifetime friends with different cultural backgrounds through this unforgettable experience.

I will always remember the rambling time with friends in the woodland paths around campus in the sunny days; the discussions with professors and teammates about group projects; and the effort I made in the library overnight before the final examinations. This unforgettable experience is definitely my lifetime fortune.

I graduated with First-class honours in 2014 and following graduation from Lancaster, I started a Master’s degree in Accounting and Finance at the University of Warwick. My undergraduate studies of Accounting and Finance are the cornerstone for my further study.