Careers in accounting

Many students who elect to study Accounting and Finance do so with the intention of becoming a professional accountant.

What many students don’t realise, however, is that an Accounting and Finance degree is neither necessary nor sufficient to become a professional accountant. (Of course the reverse also holds: career opportunities for Accounting and Finance graduates are not restricted to the accounting profession!)

These pages have been designed to provide some basic background information on the accounting profession, together with the transition from university student to professionally qualified accountant. Our pages are designed to help you explore some of the opportunities available.

Wide range of opportunities

The image of accountants as dull, middle-aged men dressed in grey suits is fast disappearing. The accounting profession is associated with high salaries and a bewildering array of career opportunities, including traditional auditing and assurance work, management consulting, corporate finance, IT consulting, tax planning, human resources (HR) and insolvency. In addition, the leaders of many of the UK’s top companies are qualified accountants.

Discover the sorts of careers Lancaster accounting and finance graduates have gone into by looking at some of our alumni profiles.