Why study Accounting and Finance at Lancaster?

There are many excellent universities in the UK offering degree courses in Accounting and Finance. So why should you consider Lancaster?

There are many benefits to studying Accounting and Finance at Lancaster. These include:

Reputation: Lancaster University Management School (LUMS) is nationally and internationally recognised as a centre of academic excellence.

Expert faculty: Accounting and Finance staff at Lancaster operate at the frontier of the discipline, meaning that you are taught by experts and take courses that contain cutting-edge material.

Choice: Lancaster offers a wide range of Accounting and Finance-related degree programmes designed to meet students’ differing needs. Choice is further enhanced within a given degree scheme, with students able to select from a wide range of optional courses.

Flexibility: At Lancaster, you do not have to commit to a specific degree programme until the end of your first year. This gives you more choice and leaves plenty of scope for switching between degree schemes as your tastes and interests evolve.

Career opportunities: Preparing you for the job market and helping you build a successful career is top of our agenda at Lancaster. Examples include the EY Scholarship (2017 entry only), work placements, help with the application process, training in assessment centre and interview techniques, and practical course content.

Resources: We believe that our students deserve the very best facilities in which to study and develop. From state-of-the-art multi-media lecture theatres, to interactive web-based course support, to excellent library facilities and IT provision, to five-star campus accommodation, we aim to ensure that your experience will be as productive and enjoyable as possible.

Is Lancaster right for you?

An important factor affecting university choice is personal taste – sometimes a place just 'feels right', even though you might not be able to put your finger on the precise reasons why. It is important not to ignore these instinctive feelings – students perform better when they are personally happy and in surroundings that make them feel at ease.

University Open Days and Visit Days provide a great opportunity to look round and get a feel for a place. Make sure you take full advantage of them!