Bringing Real Experience to Students

Brian Gregory of Safety Management UK is enthusiastic about teaching.

Brian Gregory has been an Entrepreneur in Residence at Lancaster University for many years. One of the things he finds most valuable about his role is the opportunity to interact with entrepreneurship students. Brian finds teaching students a rewarding undertaking that allows him to pass on his years of knowledge of the outside world of business to students who have little or no hands on experience to relate to. 

“Business to be taught well needs to be done so in the round, with both theory and practice”, Brian states, as he sums up his motivation. He enjoys helping students to make sense of the theory of business and cherishes the moment when they start to understand what they are learning.

Brian has been at the forefront of an innovative new teaching model that sees entrepreneurs co-create learning events in collaboration with module tutors. He recently delivered his first complete lecture, bridging practice and theory, for which he received ovations from attending students.

Brian takes inspiration for teaching from the experience of setting up his own business 14 years ago. Safety Management UK's growth is undeniable; it is now the largest provider of fire risk assessment software in the UK.

Brian is a staunch supporter of the work done by the University's Department of Entrepreneurship, Strategy and Innovation, and he has attended a variety of meetings with external stakeholders, such as the Employee Engagement Taskforce.

As well as bridging the relevance gap between theory and practice, Brian wants to provide a practical interface between the University and Small Businesses.