Reflection and Support as Entrepreneur

Being an Entrepreneur in Residence with Lancaster University Management School (LUMS) has helped Gill Hall to reflect on her business strategy and personnel. 

For Gill, being an EIR has shaped her personality as a business leader and given her ways to improve the structure of her business, Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses. Gill has always found that emotional support is as important to her as the application of practical tools and in her years as an EIR she has seen both become available to her through executive education offered by LUMS. Gill has taken part in several of the programmes on offer such as LEAD to Innovate (L2i) and GOLD. Furthermore, she has been a regular attendee of the Masterclass series and has spent time teaching entrepreneurship students.

Being part of the network of entrepreneurs, with the opportunity to share issues and experiences, has helped Gill to develop the confidence required to make her business more robust. Gill also cites the exposure to relevant and applicable insights during masterclasses as a benefit to being an EIR and a helpful reference point when her business comes under pressure.

During her time working closely with the University, Gill has met peers with “infectious enthusiasm” for the power of small businesses and has learned about LEAN manufacturing, which she has embraced and successfully implemented at Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses.