Being Inspired by Creative Business

Sue Anderson from Pendle Doors has been inspired by a consultancy challenge involving one of the world’s leading creative agencies. 

Sue, who joined the Entrepreneur in Residence community in 2013, wanted to give something back to the University after witnessing the strong support her daughter had received as a student with Lancaster University Management School. 

Sue leads a family business which has grown from three to 32 employees over the last 20 years. The development of Pendle Doors, a manufacturer of fire doors and door sets, has greatly benefitted from her engagement with the school, its members and students. Through talking to students and her fellow EIRs, Sue has been able to reflect on her own practice as an entrepreneur whilst receiving invaluable unbiased, outside feedback on her business. Overall, the experience of becoming an EIR has been unquestionably positive for Sue and her business.

In 2014, Sue participated in the Consultancy Challenge programme which took place partly at Saatchi & Saatchi, London, and here at Lancaster University. The programme provided our EIRs with the chance to gain insight into the innovative thinking behind one of the world’s leading agencies and, in many cases, gave helpful tips and ideas for strategic changes that could be applied to their businesses. It was CEO Kevin Robert’s presentation that would change the way Pendle Doors operates. Sue went away with several creative thinking techniques, such as role play and blue sky thinking, as well as the idea to implement a 90 days planning horizon to help make her company more efficient. 

Sue enjoys access to a network of like-minded business leaders through being a member of the Entrepreneur in Residence community. She enjoys the opportunity to share advice on issues that are familiar to entrepreneurs across a wide range of different businesses.