The GOLD programme

‌Designed as a follow-on to our earlier LEAD programme for SME owner-managers, GOLD focuses relentlessly on strategic growth – providing participants with a structured approach for experimenting with having a Non-Executive Director (NED) in their companies and being a NED in someone else's.

Meetings are typically held at monthly intervals in six-person groups throughout the year and adopt a board meeting format. The University provides and supports a detailed step-by-step programme on how to carry out this role with the help of dedicated facilitators, all of whom have a strong business background. This is backed up with masterclasses and learning reflection days.

In the South West of England, our partners QuoLux are providing GOLD to LEAD graduates under licence and they have been fully trained in all aspects of the programme. Contact Quolux to enquire about GOLD programmes in the South West.

GOLD was launched in 2010 for LEAD graduates determined to continue working strategically on their enterprises with the support both of Lancaster University Management School and their fellow business owners.

GOLD Director Jacqui Jackson says “…we are absolutely committed to using the world-leading resources of LUMS to help you drive your business forward.”