The LEAD 2 Innovate programme

Proven to support owner-managers to grow their business

LEAD 2 Innovate is a ten-month programme which has been specifically designed by Lancaster University Management School for owner-managers of small to medium-sized businesses.

The programme concentrates on two areas of the business: the business itself and the personal development of the owner-manager, providing a framework to increase profitability, innovate and grow the business.

We have worked directly with more than 270 companies since we launched the original LEAD programme with a pilot funded by the Northwest Regional Development Agency.

The benefits

This innovative programme integrates active teaching with practice, regularly encouraging participants to relate what they are learning to their own situations, and supporting them through coaching and action learning to apply their learning to their own businesses. Additionally, it draws on the personal experiences and knowledge of participants, enabling them to learn from one another.

The outcomes

Independent evaluation by Newcastle University shows that our LEAD graduates have, on average, seen increases in profit (70% of participants), turnover (55%), employment (49%) and productivity (65%). The mean annual turnover increase reported by LEAD participants is in the order of £360,000, equal to a 13.8% annual growth rate. Their mean annual employment growth rate is 16.8%.