‌Leading for Performance Programme

Rexam is the world's second largest consumer packaging group and a leading global beverage can maker. Rexam Plc serves a number of markets, including the beverage, personal care, healthcare and food markets. Rexam’s turnover is approximately £4.6 billion and they are a member of the FTSE 100.

A principal business of Rexam is their beverage packaging operation. This area developed its own business school, delivering training and development opportunities for their employees, who are based in over 20 countries.

Partnering with Lancaster University Management School

Rexam recognise that leadership is one area that gives them a competitive advantage in the packaging market. They decided to partner with Lancaster University Management School to develop a leadership programme that is focused on improving the performance of their people around the world.

Leading for Performance, the programme designed in partnership with Lancaster University Management School, allowed delegates to gain a deeper understanding of what they mean by leadership and how they lead in every-day situations. The programme aim was to help delegates understand and improve their own leadership capability, and thus improve the competitive position of Rexam as a business. The programme first ran in 2008.

Residential programme

The programme was residential at Lancaster and ran over three days. The three days were informed by and structured around the central concepts of the Rexam Way – trust, teamwork, recognition and continuous improvement. The exercises used were designed to allow delegates to gain a deep understanding of these concepts, and of how they are best put into practice.

The course began with a reflective process that included talks, outdoor reflective exercises and discussions, to uncover and explore the various approaches to leadership that delegates bring with them. This included an exploration and deeper understanding of the leadership cultures from each of the countries represented in the room.

The focus then changed slightly to help delegates develop the key leadership capability of gaining a deep understanding of their organisation. This was done through a focus on the business model of Rexam. Delegates worked through business models for their own part of the business, highlighting how all the areas are connected, how they drive revenue and generate costs for the business.

The Rexam Leading for Performance programme received excellent feedback from delegates year on year. The partnership between Lancaster and Rexam has proved to be an extremely productive one, helping to develop the leadership capacity and competitive edge of this multi-national business.