Singapore Armed Forces Postgraduate Certificate in Coaching

‌The Singapore Armed Forces encompasses the Singapore Navy, Army and Air Force.

They had identified a need to develop coaching capabilities which would support the development of next generation leaders in all three branches of the organisation. In particular, they were looking for a programme with academic rigour which would enable their senior officers to coach a cadre of high-calibre junior officers who had already been selected for a high-potential programme.

Discussions began with LUMS on devising an accredited programme that would give participants a postgraduate qualification. After a careful programme of design with a steering group of key military stakeholders, HR specialists and organisational psychologists, the programme took its first cohort in September 2007. The participants are all senior executives, with the rank of Colonel or above, and come from the Singapore Navy, Army and Air Force.

The programme is made up of four modules: two involve face-to-face teaching and coaching tuition in Singapore and two are delivered via e-learning. The e-learning is designed by LUMS, whose staff also act as tutors and facilitators. Additional support is provided by the Armed Forces' own coaching network which complements the coaching which participants receive on the programme.

The programme is being evaluated jointly by Lancaster faculty and by research staff from the Singapore Armed Forces. The practical nature of the course means that the first participants are already themselves each coaching a group of seven junior officers, and the early reports are highly encouraging.