Global Advanced Leadership Programme

The Global Advanced Leadership Programme (ALP) is a six-month modular programme for teams of senior-level executives from multinational companies.

The strength of the programme is that it offers an alternative approach to bringing in external consultants to help address strategic issues. Instead the ALP provides a forum where non-competing organisations provide insight and expertise into each other's company issues. Using their collective experience, the teams act as 'friendly consultants' to one another, giving candid input and helping to reframe company issues and bring them to resolution.

The programme is designed and taught by LUMS in the UK and  McGill University in Canada and has modules taught in each of those two countries.

The ALP has three key features:

  • real-time consulting on important company issues
  • reflection on participants' own experience
  • participation on a truly international scale, from companies to participants to faculty

Programme concept and design

Participating companies each send a team of up to six top executives, comprising a 'table' on the programme. Each company team brings to the programme a key issue or strategic challenge facing the organisation, and these then become a key focus of attention for each of the programme's two modules. Faculty are on hand throughout as issue coaches, helping teams overcome any specific hurdles they may encounter in moving their issues forward.

The two one-week modules, held over a period of six months, are as follows:

  • Reflective leadership – hosted by LUMS and taught in the Lake District, UK
  • Action leadership – hosted by McGill and taught in Montreal, Canada

In addition to the workshops during the module, exchange visits to participating companies are used to help probe issues and generate new perspectives.

Examples of issues that could be addressed in the ALP include:

  • integrating marketing and business development strategy across divisions
  • trying to consolidate a difficult merger
  • addressing deficiencies in new product development
  • conceiving business winning and customer relationship strategies for the long term
  • achieving a change of company culture

Further information

‌For further information on this programme and how to apply, please see the ALP main site.

If you would like to explore in more detail how this programme might benefit your company, please contact:

Jane Haughton

Tel: +44 (0)1524 510735