Our approach – learning in partnership

In working with corporate clients, we place great stress at LUMS on creating valuable lasting relationships – genuine working partnerships, founded on trust and delivering tangible benefits to both parties. 

Our experience has shown us that, where real organisational development is concerned, the most fruitful partnerships have at their heart:

  • an atmosphere of challenge and openness to ideas
  • flexibility
  • mutual support
  • a common agenda of learning and development

From the initial process of programme design, we work with you to understand your strategic organisational issues and develop programmes that will meet your needs. As your context changes, we will help you to move forward in new directions.

Focusing on best practice, unlocking new ideas

For our delegates, study with LUMS is all about sharing: of ideas, of experience, of expertise. It is an active, exhilarating process of learning to look critically and reflectively at what they do, and acquiring new ways of thinking about global business challenges and intractable organisational issues.

Our experienced faculty will bring fresh ideas to the mix – ideas rooted in first-hand knowledge of the changing business environment and derived, too, from leading-edge research. We challenge delegates to look anew at conventional wisdom, and develop their skills of evaluating theories and strategies, to look behind surface realities and find what will really work in particular situations.

Translating learning rapidly into action

Executive education at LUMS is about both thinking and acting. We use various learning methods to create the space that managers need to think deeply about themselves and their organisations, and then help them to use their new knowledge in practical and effective ways.

Our partner organisations find that delegates begin making a tangible difference to the organisation as they progress through the programme and that this continues for a number of years after a programme has finished. Delegates can be seen to clearly benefit from the action learning approach that is a key feature of our programmes – and built into the assessment processes we use.