Design and development of customised programmes

Working with you in partnership

Our first imperative in approaching any new client partnership is to get to know you better as an organisation – not just where you are at present but where you want to be. We will explore with you what needs to change – both internally and externally – for those ambitions to be achieved. Most importantly, the focus for discussion will be on how you can develop your people to meet those needs.

As a client of LUMS, you will be working with an experienced member of The Lancaster Leadership Centre as your designated programme director. Your programme director is responsible not only for the design and development of the programme but also for subsequent programme implementation and evaluation. He or she is your key contact with LUMS, and works with you throughout to ensure that the programme delivers benefits which contribute directly to your business mission. We also ask you to appoint a steering group of key stakeholders, who can work actively with us in determining the shape and nature of the programme.

Robust diagnosis – the key to understanding your needs

Through a series of meetings we get to understand your organisational mission and values, the key issues you face, and the challenges and opportunities presented by your current strategic and operational position. That process can involve interviews with key personnel, focus groups, industry research, competitor analysis, and so on. Once we have collected and analysed this data, we check with you that our initial understanding of your needs and organisational priorities tallies with your own assessment before we move on to the next phase of programme design.

Creating a jointly-owned design

Programme design is again a collaborative process, and iterative in nature. We make no prior assumptions as to what form of intervention may be most suitable – we come with an open mind and an eagerness to explore with you what approaches may work best for the employees you have in mind.

In this stage we will look at both content and processes – identifying which forms of learning will enable your staff to get the most from the programme. We will be drawing on LUMS experience, knowledge and research into how managers and leaders learn, and combining that with your identified organisational needs.

Agreeing on final programme design

Your steering committee plays a vital role in the final stage of programme design, when we bring to you our design ideas and, through a process of dialogue, reach agreement on the final form of programme. Ensuring that the programme brings the anticipated value in learning and return on investment is paramount, so at this stage we also decide with you how the programme should be monitored and evaluated.

An evolutionary process – flexible design for changing circumstances

Once a programme design is agreed and finalised, we find this is, in reality, seldom set in stone. Organisational circumstances change rapidly, and with it corporate and HR priorities. That is why your LUMS programme director will continue to look at how the programme can be modified to make sure it keeps pace with the changing needs of the organisation and of individual delegates. The dialogue continues, and once the programme is underway it is informed, too, by feedback from delegates and teaching staff. The review process is thus a critical part of how we ensure you continue to see the benefits of your investment.