Programme management and support

When you commission a customised programme from LUMS, we ensure that you will have a team of staff here at Lancaster to call on.

A dedicated programme director

Your designated programme director sees you through the process of programme design and delivery, working very closely with you to determine objectives and outcomes and set key milestones. Once the programme design has been agreed, the director takes on management responsibility for the first cohorts of delegates whom you select to take part in the programme, and continues to liaise with you as to their progress and work on possible further refinements and innovations in programme design.

The programme director is also responsible for co-ordinating the academic content of the programme, to match both your organisational needs and any specific academic requirements which may be attached – particularly where programmes lead to a University-accredited qualification such as a Masters or Postgraduate Diploma.

Secretarial and administrative support

Equally important for the smooth running of the programme is the administrative and secretarial support, provided by staff in our Management Development Division. Providing a first port of call for most general enquiries, our experienced programme managers will liaise with relevant staff within your organisation and communicate with your delegates before, during and after programme sessions. They also ensure that the relevant programme information and materials are distributed to all participants.