Lancaster Advanced Leadership Programme

Building on the success of the Global ALP, Lancaster has now developed an intensive version of the ALP concept, based on a single residential workshop and designed specifically for UK clients. 

In a radical departure from the traditions of MBAs and other senior leadership programmes the Lancaster ALP is designed to prompt senior leaders to:

  • Reflect on their own experience as a key resource for future development, drawing on but not constrained by the contributions of leading thinkers in the field;
  • Draw on the expertise of other programme participants as ‘friendly consultants’, bringing their knowledge and experience to bear on key issues;
  • Work through a number of ‘mindsets’ or phases to gain new perspectives on strategic issues and their own leadership capabilities; and
  • Work on ‘live’ challenges or issues they have brought to the programme, which are shared and developed during the course of the workshop.

This is a programme for leadership development, embedded in a process of organisational change.

Who should attend?

This is a senior-level executive programme, designed to extend the capabilities of senior leaders, challenging them with new perspectives while they share and advance an issue of central concern to their organisation or sector.

It is important that participants be in positions where they can drive important change in their organisation. They should be enthusiastic about giving and receiving feedback on their leadership, and on the organisational challenges they have brought with them, from co-participants facing similar situations.

Participants should constitute a team of 4-6 senior executives/managers within an organisation brought together around, or already working on, a strategic challenge, or a team formed with business partners or allies facing a joint policy or sector-based issue.