Programme concept and design

The philosophy of the Lancaster Advanced Leadership Programme is simple but powerful: participants bring their real-world experience and teaching faculty introduce ideas and concepts from leading thinkers in the field.

The learning takes place where these meet, in an environment designed to encourage critical thinking and thoughtful reflection. Collectively, these inputs offer participants new perspectives on organisational challenges as the impetus for changed action.

Each team or group brings to the workshop a strategic issue or challenge of central concern to its organisation. These issues become a key focus of attention throughout the five-day programme. An issue could be either a long-standing unresolved problem or a particular opportunity for the business. It might be owned by an individual organisation or collectively by a profession or sector. For example, one group might need to address deficiencies in new product development while another might want to increase its impact on regulatory bodies which determine key policy issues for their sector.

This approach makes the Lancaster Advanced Leadership Programme both a learning community and a company-specific programme, capturing the best of both. It is public in that several non-competing organisations share their issues and perspectives. It is company-specific in that each group spends considerable time focusing on an issue of key concern to its organisation. At the same time, individual participants develop leadership capabilities through interactive learning sessions and through consultancy and coaching from tutors and fellow participants.

In a concentrated period of critical thinking, personal reflection and shared experience, the workshop offers a unique combination of the power of an internal task force and the insights of outside consultants.