Programme Elements

The learning design of the PTP programme includes a range of elements to develop your knowledge and skills.

Overnight Experiential (OE) – to build a trusted peer network

You will embark on the programme with an intensive two-day / one-night induction that comprises a range of learning activities focused on strategy and growth, delivered by Lancaster University academics and business professionals. 

This opportunity to meet and exchange knowledge with like-minded people quickly builds a trusted network.  It also allows invaluable time for reflection on your own business and leadership style; and sets the framework for growth over the whole 12-month programme.

Learning from world-class organisations

This programme provides you with an unparalleled opportunity to meet key people from leading UK organisations where excellence in productivity lies at the heart of business. You will have access to gold standard manufacturing organisations including BAE Systems, Siemens and Rolls Royce.  These companies will demonstrate how they have transformed their workplace by putting employee engagement at the very centre of their improvement processes.

We will then work together, transferring these methods to create best practices applicable to your own workplace and equipping you with action plans to drive up your productivity.

Masterclasses and Workshops

Our ongoing Masterclass talks are delivered by world-class business leaders.  They challenge delegates, stimulate thinking and catalyse awareness. Our workshops address the key issues facing SMEs as they strive to improve performance in the workplace.  Your learning will be supported by a range of business tools for you to adapt and use back in the workplace.


You will be allocated an experienced manager from one of the industrial partner organisations as a mentor.  Your mentor will help you to find solutions to problems/issues that they are facing within your business. Looking at problems through a different lens helps people to identify necessary changes.

Action Learning Sets

Our research shows that many owner-managers often feel isolated running their own businesses. Action Learning is designed to overcome this isolation and is used as a platform to address real business concerns. You will be placed in a small group with 6-7 peers who you will meet to discuss real business issues in a confidential and trusting environment and establish positive actions to resolve them.

Shadowing and Exchanges 

Observational learning is perhaps the most powerful process for acquiring information. The process begins with an exercise where you will observe and reflect on the behaviour of your exchange partner, in their own place of work. This is followed up by a series of interactions where both participants will visit their partner’s business and conduct a mini-consultancy project on an agreed area.

Online Forum

You are encouraged to communicate via an online forum throughout the duration of the programme.  This is to encourage sharing ideas and knowledge from the programme and to seek advice and guidance from your trusted peer network.  In addition, we provide participants with a wealth of information such as access podcasts, masterclass presentations and additional reading.


There are no formal assessments during the programme, although you may be required to undertake some pre-reading before attending workshops and expected to make a contribution via the online forum.