Inject your business with innovative ideas, enthusiasm and talent from our FT ranked MSc Management programme.


For employers who are looking for the very best quality of staff, an internship is an excellent way to build a pipeline of committed and intelligent young professionals. It provides an opportunity to get a head start on recruiting the best new graduates for your company, or simply serves as an excellent solution to a short term project, with no recruitment costs to you.

At Lancaster University Management School, our MSc Management (European Triple Degree) with EMLYON Business School (Lyon, France) and Ludwig Maximilian Universität (Munich, Germany) gives you access to exceptional talent with an interest in international business from a European and global perspective.

As part of this programme, first year students take part in an internship which can be in the form of a project or work experience that meets with any other business need you may have.

Hiring a European Triple Degree intern could be a valuable asset to your company because they can provide:

  • A flexible low-cost recruitment solution
  • An enthusiastic and fresh approach to your business needs
  • The opportunity to “try before you buy”, sampling our students before committing to offering a permanent position
  • Valuable international language skills which may be of benefit when dealing with foreign partners and clients
  • A European and global perspective on business, which could be beneficial e.g. in researching, evaluating and developing European export markets
  • An excellent staffing solution for a short term project or maternity leave cover
  • Specific skills and knowledge, informed by three leading institutions, that could benefit your business
  • The devotion of time to a project that you may not have the resources to undertake yourself
  • Mentoring and supervisory opportunities for your staff
  • The opportunity to develop a strong relationship and access to resources at Lancaster University, which will benefit your business now and in the future

Our European Triple Degree interns are available for temporary work or projects of around 6 months in duration, from March/April until August.

A ‘Rolling Programme’

We recognise that a single internship may not always meet your needs, especially as sometimes projects will take longer than 6 months. Therefore, if you require further support at the end of this period, you also have the option to recruit another student to take over from the first. Students from a related MSc Management programme complete the programme in August, and this provides an opportunity to overlap interns, allowing the first student to train the second, and so on, providing continuity for as long as you require.

Other ways to get involved

  • Shorter projects: We can also provide support/consultancy services for your business by linking up with our students for group projects as part of their final dissertation project.
  • Recruitment:  Know exactly what you are looking for? If you have a permanent position that you need to fill, we may be able to help! Our postgraduates leave a highly ranked International Management School with a broad wealth of management knowledge and experience.