Applications and CVs

Recruitment patterns change all the time as organisations review their methods of recruiting. Nowadays, many employers expect you to apply online, and very often you will be required to follow a highly structured online application procedure. This takes time.

Employers also expect you to have researched them and their jobs thoroughly. They want you to be proactive in applying to them, and they expect you to follow their procedures to the letter. In addition to completing web-based forms, you will probably also be asked to attach your CV and a cover letter. Prospects contains some example CVs and cover letters.

Up to 60% of application forms are rejected because of poor spelling, grammar, or just not answering the questions adequately so make sure you take your time to complete them properly and seek help if you require further guidance.

If you would like further help, come along to one of our regular advice clinics, or book a one-to-one appointment. Check our Careers Events Programme, too, for other related workshops.