Psychometric tests

Many graduate employers use psychometric tests as part of their recruitment process. These tests come in several forms but can be divided into two main types: aptitude and personality.

Aptitude tests aim to test your mental and intellectual ability and assess how logical and analytical your thought processes are when solving complex problems. They usually consist of verbal, numerical and diagrammatic tests in multiple choice format and are usually subject to a fixed time limit.

Personality tests are more like a questionnaire than a test and are designed to create a profile of your personal qualities and characteristics, such as your ability to lead and motive others, how reliable and honest you are and what motivates you. Since there are no right or wrong answers, the best advice is just to be yourself and choose the answer that feels ‘right’ to you.

Online practice tests and related resources

Getting used to the style of tests and the type of questions asked is important, and it is a good idea to practise psychometric tests before doing the real thing. The sites below all offer a variety of free resources:

Other ways to get help include the following.

  • Borrow one of our books on psychometric testing from the LUMS Careers Team office (A127).
  • Visit a drop in clinic in the LUMS Careers zone (A112).
  • Visit the main University Careers Service up at The Base.

For further information please contact Juliet Huntington (undergraduate careers adviser), or Peter Sewell (postgraduate careers adviser).