UK and international recruitment

There are thousands of graduate recruitment sites and portals all over the world. 

Whether you are a UK student or an international student seeking an internship, placement or graduate job you will find this section a useful starting point to research, monitor, track and apply for vacancies as well as understand the different visa and immigration requirements, helping you to make a smoother transition towards your global career beyond LUMS.

To research particular countries and the kinds of opportunities available, a good starting point may be the country profiles put together by Prospects, the UK's official graduate careers website.

The British Council Study, Work, Create web resource is the go-to place to find study opportunities abroad, develop your creativity and increase your employability with internships.

After graduation, for those of you considering returning home or moving to another part of the UK, you can search for UK graduate employment by region which will also help you identify which UK universities will offer support to those living nearby.

National and international newspapers can offer an important addition to your multi-strategy job search and offer alternative sources of local, regional and national vacancies. The Paperboy will allow you to search from 181 countries and more than 6,000 online newspapers.