Management Structure

The OptiFrame Project is led by Lancaster University and the Centre for Transport and Logistics (CENTRAL) Research, in partnership with CFR, EUROCONTROL and NLR.

A Steering Committee, composed of four members - one representing each organisation participating in the project - has the responsibility to monitor the project progress and to support strategic decision making for the development of the project.

An Advisory Committee of stakeholders has been established to ensure the alignment of the scientific activities, project results and deliverables to the stakeholders’ expectations, to the Industrial Research SESAR2020 Projects, the European ATM Master Plan and the SESAR Concept of Operations.

The OptiFrame project is organized into the following work packages (WPs):

  • WP1 Project Management
  • WP2 State-of-the-art and Stakeholder Expectations
  • WP3 Data Management
  • WP4 Modelling of TBO
  • WP5 Development and Implementation of Solution Algorithms  (exact and heuristic)
  • WP6 Validation of the OptiFrame approach in normal and disturbance cases
  • WP7 Implications for Decision Makers and Dissemination of results
  • WP8 Ethics

The organogram of the research project representing the management structure, the relationships of the substructures/divisions to each other, and the hierarchy of management – as described above - is displayed below.

OptiFrame organogram