The main objective of the OptiFrame research project is the application of principles of mathematical modelling and optimization to configure and assess the performance of the Trajectory Based Operations (TBO) concept. The focus is on the pre-tactical operations planning phase.

The project aims to verify the viability of the TBO concept, to identify barriers and enablers associated with the  concept, to understand whether, under which conditions, and to what extent the objectives of : i) airspace users’  flexibility, and ii) predictability of the ATM system,  can be achieved. In particular, OptiFrame seeks to demonstrate that it is possible to assign trajectories to all flights operating in the entire ECAC area, taking into account the preferences of all users (i.e., airlines) and optimizing the overall air traffic system efficiency.

The primary outcome of this research project is a framework that can be used:

  • as a “simulator” to address several of the issues and questions arising for the exploitation and deployment of the TBO concept, to fully understand the benefits and limitations of the TBO approach;
  • to investigate the optimal balance between different contrasting Key Performance Indicators relevant for the TBO concept;
  • as an engine for the preliminary identification, on a daily basis, of promising Air Traffic Management interventions on a continental scale in Europe (ECAC-wide area).

Project Meetings

The partners of the OptiFrame Consortium meet occasionally in order to discuss the project organisation and their progress.


Midterm review

The Midterm review successfully took place in Lancaster, on the 24th of March 2017. The feedback provided by the Project Officer on the progress during this occasion has been positive.

During the Midterm review, the project officer gave an overview on the research context to which the OptiFrame project belongs.
Afterwards, the partners presented the progress made on the research project, with presentations on the different Work Packages.

Padova meeting

The OptiFrame partners met in Padova on the 1st of June 2017. The meeting had the main purpose of facilitating the coordination of the activities to be carried out in the remaining time period.

Padvoa meeting 600x