Purpose and aims


The purpose of the Centre is to develop new programmes of research and teaching at postgraduate and post-experience level appropriate to the mission of Lancaster University Management School and relevant to the needs of Chinese managers.

It is intended that the efforts of the Centre should encompass research and delivery of programmes and recruitment of students from China.


  • to build on past and current links in research, education and training
  • to develop collaborative programmes with high status Chinese organisations
  • to generate funds for research into management and business issues
  • to develop new post-experience programmes for training Chinese businessmen and officials on short- and long-term courses both here and in China – for example in finance, governance, strategic management, management development/learning, knowledge management
  • to liaise with other departments in Lancaster University to develop appropriate collaborative research and training programmes
  • by raising the profile of the Management School, to continue to attract and register good quality students
  • to foster research on Chinese business and also on relationships between China and the rest of the world
  • to establish a network of associates in China, the UK, and elsewhere

Functions of the Centre

The Centre is concerned equally with the development of research and training programmes, both collaboratively with organisations in China and independently at Lancaster. There are also increasing opportunities to create partnerships, particularly in the area of management training, including by the development of in-country programmes. We are also supportive of the University's strategy to raise the profile of both the University and the Management School to facilitate the recruitment of undergraduate and postgraduate students from the PRC. The Centre allows us to capitalise on these opportunities.

The Centre reports both to the University's International Steering Group and to the Management School's Policy and Resources Committee to whom the Director is required to submit annual reports.