Sources of funding for research in China

1. British Academy

The British Academy receives grant-in-aid from the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills (DIUS) to fund research at postdoctoral level in all branches of enquiry within the humanities and social sciences. The Academy’s research funding strategy is focused on providing small-scale support.

Its aim is to foster high-quality research and to help develop research capacity through a framework of responsive-mode programmes. The Academy provides a range of schemes to support the intellectual activity of UK-based scholars, including research appointments, research grants for individual and joint projects, conferences, and bilateral agreements to promote international collaboration.

Information can be accessed here.

2. British Academy Fellowships

The Academy's Visiting Fellowship scheme, launched in 2005, enables early-career scholars from overseas to apply directly to the Academy, in conjunction with their UK hosts, for research visits to the UK of at least two months. The main purpose of the visit should be to enable the visitor to pursue research.

The UK host must be resident in the UK, and must undertake to make all the necessary practical and administrative arrangements for the visit. The Academy grants the title of British Academy Visiting Fellow and awards funding for the visit.

BA/ESRC Chinese Visiting Fellowships: Funds from the Academy and the ESRC have been earmarked to support applicants from China.

3. British Academy Post Doctoral Fellowship

This scheme is designed to enable outstanding early career researchers to strengthen their experience of research and teaching in a university environment, which will develop their curriculum vitae and improve their prospects of obtaining permanent lecturing posts by the end of the Fellowship.

Applicants are expected to be at an early stage of their academic career. See here for further information

4. British Council

Through the British Council, collaboration between Universities in China and in the UK can be facilitated. See here for further information.

5. PMI 2

Under the Prime Ministers's Initative 2, there is funding to facilitate institutional collaboration between the UK and a number of countries, including China. The closing date for 2008 is past, but see here for more information.

6. Economic and Social Research Council

Applications can be made for research grants and research fellowships to facilitate international research through the standard ESRC research grant procedures. See here for further information.

7. EU-Asian Link

This is a programme which is intended to promote regional and multilateral networking between higher education institutions. It aims to promote the creation of new partnerships and new sustainable links between European and Asian higher education institutions, and to reinforce existing partnerships.

8. Sino-British Fellowship Trust

This is worth up to £10,000 for travel and maintenance in connection with co-operative research projects to facilitate research either by British scholars travelling to China or by Chinese scholars working in the UK. See here for further information.

9. UK-China Fellowships for Excellence

The Department of Innovation, Universities and Skills (DIUS) is offering up to 25 postdoctoral scholars for top British-based researchers in science and technology to undertake research in China from autumn 2008.

For more information, e-mail

10. 'Science Bridges'

RCUK has announced a new scheme - 'Science Bridges' - which supports reserach with partner institutions either in China, India or the US. The call covers all areas of research and is for proposals worth between £0.5M and £1.5M over three years.

11. Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship

Funding for two years; individual applies. See here for further information.

12. Newton International Fellowships

These Fellowships are organised jointly by the British Academy, Royal Academy of Engineering and the Royal Society. They are initially of two years' duration and are intended to attract top postdoctoral researchers to the UK. See here for further information.

13. Royal Economic Society

Junior Fellowship awards, conference grants and other funding opportunities may be available. Individual academics need to apply, and information is available on this website.

14. Internal Awards

The University and the Management School offer 'small grant seed corn' research grant funds which are especially aimed at newer staff members. The Management School upper limit is around £2k, whereas the University can accept applications of up to £10k.

There is also a small fund within the Lancaster China Management Centre (LCMC) to support on-going research.

Information on all these is available from the LCMC. E-mail:

Other useful web sites are:

GB-China Centre
China-Britain Business Council (of which the Centre is a full membership subscriber)