Academic Links with China Scheme (ALCS)

Two of the School's early relationships within China were through the ALCS programme. This was managed by the British Council's Higher Education Group and funded by the British and Chinese governments.

(i) University of Science and Technology, Beijing (Management School)

This was the first of LUMS' involvements with China and was the particular concern of Professor Mark Easterby-Smith (Management Learning and Leadership). A regular programme of exchange visits was funded by the British Council between 1984 and the early 1990s. During this period ten Chinese professors visited Lancaster for periods of six weeks to seven months, and staff from Management Learning and Leadership ran two-week workshops in Beijing each year on aspects of management education and development. These workshops were attended by senior cadres from Ministries and companies, and by professors from a total of 32 Chinese universities. These contacts led to a major collaborative research project (see below).

(ii) University of International Business and Economics (UIBE)

This link was set up in 1986 by Professor David Brown and continued for five years.

Six senior Chinese professors have visited Lancaster, including President Chen Zhunmin and Vice President Shi Weisan, gaining valued experience across the Management School. In return, Professor Brown, Paul Ferguson (then in Economics) and Mr Peter Spillard (then in Marketing) all visited UIBE, both lecturing and running research seminars. More recently the British Council has further supported the link with the donation of a significant library grant to build up UIBE's collection of UK management books.

Outside the ALCS arrangement, but directly arising from it, two UIBE staff were funded for their MSc in Information Management in LUMS.