Asia-EU project

In July 2004 Professors David Brown (Director of the LCMC) and Alasdair MacBean (Emeritus Professor of Economics) were awarded a major €300k research contract under the EU’s Asia-Link programme.

The Asia-Link Programme is an initiative by the European Commission to promote sustainable regional and multilateral networking between higher education institutions in EU Member States and South Asia, South-East Asia and China.

The two-and-a-half-year project is being undertaken in partnership with Stockholm University School of Business, University of Science and Technology, Beijing (BSTU) and the National University of Laos. LUMS, through its Centre for Management in China, is the co-ordinating institution. This is the second large award that staff in the School have secured from one of the EU’s Asia programmes. In April 2002 David Brown was awarded EU-Asia-Link funding for a project on the use of information technology in vocational and technical education in Lao PDR and Sri Lanka (Asia IT&C Programme).

The aim of the new research project is to improve management education in two rapidly developing areas, ‘e-business’ and ‘innovation and entrepreneurship’, with particular emphasis on the development of young faculty and post-graduate students. Ongoing activities include staff and student exchanges, workshops, use of existing courses in management e.g. on research methods, and building experience through participating in joint projects.

Leader of the research project, , said, “We are very pleased to have received this award whose strategic value will be to develop human resources at the university level in Lao PDR and China in two critical subject areas and through their graduates yield major, long-lasting economic and social benefits to their respective economies.”

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