Sponsor us

The Lancaster China Management Centre (LCMC) is seeking sponsorship for its activities, to allow it to build on its successes and to extend the services it provides. 

These services currently include advice and seminars for local businesses; major collaborations with partner organisations and institutions in China; collaborative research with companies and Universities in China; management development courses for government officials and senior managers from China and a major seminar series on Chinese management and business issues in Lancaster chiefly for students and alumni.

Whilst sponsorship for all activities is being sought, the main focus of the fund raising is to equip leaders of the future with vital insight into the world's single most important economy.

The vision

The LCMC will

  • empower successive generations of students by equipping them to understand management and business in China
  • conduct unique research into Chinese management issues and activities, working closely with industrial partners
  • establish a biennial international conference on China

The importance of this project

China is an increasingly important player in the global economy showing an unprecedented 10% growth in GDP each year for twenty five years. UK exports underperform compared with our European counterparts, and recent research suggests that the attitudes and approach of business leaders in the UK are an issue. Almost half of global business leaders see China as the greatest opportunity facing their business compared to a third in the UK, and they are better prepared. An understanding of this country, its culture and business practices is an invaluable tool in any manager’s repertoire. We believe that no student should graduate with a degree from our Management School without the opportunity to understand how to do business in and with China.

Why Lancaster?

Lancaster University Management School focuses its China research on a range of management issues including e-business and innovation and plans to draw on this to develop courses on the business culture in China for local students. Our concentration on Chinese business and on developments in management in the public sector allows a greater depth of understanding.

Furthermore our 6* research rating is a mark of the quality of the research conducted here. This confirms that we have expertise of international quality and a standard unparalleled in the UK.

Funding would be, for example, for

  • a Chair in China Management – a Professorship 
  • Teaching and Research Fellowships 
  • scholarships, awards and prizes for top quality students and scholars from China
  • travel bursaries to facilitate collaborative research
  • PhD research studentships 
  • a biennial conference in China, organised collaboratively with a high status partner

Stephen Phillips, the Chief Executive at China-Britain Business Council said:

“The work of LCMC has tremendous relevance to UK businesses of all sizes. China is a market that every UK business needs to understand, and as more and more Chinese businesses seek to internationalise, their staff need to enhance their understanding of the dynamics of international markets.

“The focus of LCMC on business and management issues bridges successfully the interests of academia and business.”

For further information, to discuss involvement in this initiative or to contribute, please contact:

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Development Manager (Management School)
Alumni and Development Office
Lancaster University
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Tel: +44 (0)1524 594605
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