Opportunities in forecasting

Masters student projects

Need support in a project? Develop new forecasting algorithms? Setup a forecasting system? Audit your current forecasting models or processes? The Lancaster Centre for Forecasting is offering a range of effective Master student projects in forecasting for logistics and supply chain management, government services, call centres, utilities... You can determine the topics!

We also offer projects in data mining (e.g. for credit scoring, customer relationship management), analytical marketing (e.g. for direct marketing, long-term marketing effectiveness, marketing resource allocation) and predictive analytics  in general. And these projects can be integrated into a full-blown consultancy if the problem merits it. More details.

PhD opportunities

The Lancaster Centre for Forecasting is always looking for PhD students interested in joining our group to conduct research the area of predictive modelling, including time series analysis, forecasting, data mining and market modelling. A full list of topics may be found on the departmental pages on PhD positions in forecasting.


For informal enquiries on please on PhDs in time series forecasting with computational intelligence (including neural networks & support vector regression), time series clustering, time series classification and data mining (for credit scoring and customer relationship management) contact s.crone@lancaster.ac.uk.

For other topics and general enquiries please contact r.fildes@lancaster.ac.uk.

Please provide a short CV and the area you wish to conduct research in with your enquiry (no formal research proposal is required for enquiries).

Doctoral studentships

An ideal candidate for a doctoral studentship will have a strong interest in statistical data analysis. In addition, the ability to write computer programs in Visual Basic (or similar) and work with databases is an advantage, though training will be available. 

A part-time option is possible where the student will work on company consultancy projects and this will give additional financial support. The studentship is based in Lancaster and offers the opportunity of working with staff in the top-rated Management Science Department of the Management School and the Statistics group.