The most influential papers in forecasting?

This section provides a collection of about 80 key papers in business and economic forecasting, including both innovative theoretical contributions and those illustrating the range of practical applications. Papers that have been published by members of the Lancaster Centre for Forecasting can also be found here.

Forecasting (5 volumes), R. Fildes and P. Geoff Allen (eds), 2011, SAGE Benchmarks in Social Research Methods, 2104 pages.

Influential Articles (by R Fildes and P Geoff Allen) - Full Article
Influential Articles - Full List
Influential Articles - Full List

An updated edition of influential articles can be found in the Oxford Bibliographies:

Fildes, R. & Allen, P.G. (2015). Forecasting. In Oxford Bibliographies in Management. Ed. R. Griffin. New York: Oxford University Press.