PhD theses





Lida Barakat 2017 A Context-Aware Approach for Handling Concept Drift in Classification
Ivan Svetunkov 2016 Complex exponential smoothing
Timo P. Kunz 2014 The static retail revenue management problem - Studies on the interplay of data, demand, and price models
Devon Barrow  2013 Active model combination for time series forecasting: an empirical evaluation and extension of Bagging and Boosting
Andrey Davydenko 2012 Integration of Judgment and Statistical Approaches for Demand Forecasting; Models and Methods
Lixian Qian 2012 Essays on forecasting demand and preferences for cars in emerging markets: The case of China
Jessica (Tun-I) Hu 2011 A behavioural model of the adoption and use of new telecommunications media: the effects of communications scenarios and media product/service attributes
Tao Huang 2011 Forecasting Retailer Product Sales at the UPC Level Using Econometric Models with Promotional Information
Greg Rogers 2011 Improving Marketing Decisions Through the Use of Choice Models
Hong Juan Liu 2010 Customer Profitability Modelling for Direct Marketing of Business Insurance to Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
Nikolaos Kourentzes 2009 Input variable selection for time series forecasting with artificial neural networks - an empirical evaluation across varying time series frequencies
Stavros Asimakopoulos 2008 A Human Computer Interaction Perspective on Forecasting Systems Design
Dave Burnell 2007 Models of water demand and leakage
Steve Finlay 2006 Modelling Issues in Credit Scoring
Alistair Robertson 2005 The combined effects of human characteristics and product attributes on technological adoption forecasting: an analysis of residential ICT adoption patterns in the UK
Suzi Ismail 2005 Algorithmic Approaches to Multiple Time Series Forecasting
Andrew Eaves 2002 Forecasting for the ordering and stock-holding of consumable spare parts
Cihat Polat 2002 Cash flow management and forecasting of short-term cash flows in a bank
KP Liao 1999 Feedforward neural network forecasting model building and evaluation
Paul Goodwin 1999 Interfacing judgmental forecasts with statistical methods
Mohd Alias Lazim 1995 Modelling and Forecasting Air Travel
Moira Watson 1995 The Application of Forecasting Methods in Industry