Forthcoming Forecasting Courses

Forthcoming courses

The information on all the upcoming courses will become available in events section of our website as soon as we announce new courses.

References and Testimonials

Past course attendees include: Sanofi Aventis, NHS, Beiersdorf, Bayer, LEGO, C&C, Tata, Momondo Group, Celanese, British Gypsum, UK Department of Work, Barclays, Capita Dixons, NightFreight, Scottish Power, Booths, DWP, Philips, etc.

"I really enjoyed the Time Series Statistical Forecasting course. I am not new to this subject but it was a great refresher course and i really found the excel works sheet examples very intuitivein reviewing the impacts of outliers and level changes to the forecast output. The course leaders were extremely passionate about the subject matter and cultivated great discussions amongst the workshop attendees."
Johathan Morrow, Senior Manager, Supply Chain Centre of Excellence, Tata Consultancy Services

"The course gave me an excellent base on which to build the forecasting methods used by my team. It highlighted areas that needed instant action, such as using different methods for different time series, but it also provided knowledge and ideas that will allow me to continually improve our processes over the next few months."
Donna Selwood, Stock Forecaster & Analyst Team Leader, Primrose Ltd

"... excellent course which will make an important difference on how we work ... practical lessons from the workshops... "
UK Department of Work and Pensions DWP

"The Lancaster forecasting course is a well organised programme with a variety of tutors, and a relaxed method of teaching and group discussion. The course contents includes practical application through exercises and case studies relevant to real world issues. Attending two separate workshop sessions allowed us to implement lessons from the first workshop and report back to tutors and fellow delegates at the second. We are now in a good position to further develop our forecasting methodology and improve forecast accuracy at British Gypsum Ltd."
Russell Trueman, British Gypsum



What will I gain from the course? 
This course is an ideal introduction to forecasting. You will learn how to explore and analyse your data, build robust and accurate time series models and understand your forecasting performance.

What software are you going to use for the hands-on exercises?
As we want to provide transferable skills to a wide range of organisations, for this fundamentals course we focus mainly on Excel.

Will this course tackle real data?
Yes, this course tackle real data with patterns that are commonly observed in operational time series.

Who are the trainers?
Trainers of this course will be Professor Robert Fildes, Professor John Boylan, Dr Sven F Crone, Dr Nikos Kourentzes and other academic staff of the Lancaster Centre for Forecasting. More details about the trainers can be found here.

How are they skilled in training?
LCF has a long and successful history in delivering first class forecasting education to students and to practitioners. Lectures are made by Professional University Educators, with many years of teaching experience in developing courses, clear learning objectives and learning modes.