Forecasting courses, training and coaching for practitioners and companies

The Lancaster Centre for Forecasting has a long and successful history in delivering first class forecasting education to students and to practitioners. We offer basic forecasting and demand planning courses, introducing the fundamentals of forecasting methods, processes, performance measurement, software systems and organisations to practitioners.

We offer a range of fundamental and advanced courses, as well as tailor made courses to better address your needs.

Fundamental forecasting courses

  • Time Series Methods: Learn how to understand and forecast your time series. This two-day course is an ideal introduction to forecasting. You will learn how to explore and analyse your data, build robust and accurate time series models and understand your forecasting performance. Business Forecasting with Time Series Methods (course brochure)
  • Causal Models (Regression): Learn how to create forecasts that capture driver variables. External effects, such as the weather, policy changes, promotions, etc can be captured and explored with regression. Understand how to build valid powerful forecasting models that can explain external influences to your time series in this two-day course. Business Forecasting with Causal Models (course brochure)

Advanced forecasting courses

  • Advanced Models: ARIMA: Bring the power of time series models and regression together. Learn how to build and use for forecasting the powerful ARIMA models, with or without external effects.
  • Advanced Models: Artificial Neural Networks: Use state-of-the-art predictive models for your organisation. Learn how to build neural networks to accurately predict complex and nonlinear time series. Understand how to capture time series dynamics, external events and complex interactions with Neural Networks.
  • Advanced Models: Slow Moving & Intermittent Demand: Learn how to forecast reliably slow moving items, spare parts and other intermittent time series. Slow Moving and Intermittent Demand Forecasting (course brochure)
  • Advanced Models: Promotional Modelling: Specialised course on promotional modeling. Learn how to build and use advanced predictive models to best model and understand your promotions.
  • Advanced Models: New Product Forecasting: Learn state-of-the-art forecasting methods to new product demand forecasting and the use of expert opinion and management judgment. New Product Forecasting (course brochure)

Custom-made courses

Do you have special requirements for a course? Let us know! We will develop tailor made courses to meet the needs of your team. These can be held at Lancaster, or on-site on your own premises to reduce travel overheads. For example, we regularly teach courses tailor made for a particular software package.

  • Statistical Forecasting with SAP APO-DP: Specialised four day course on forecasting methods, error metrics and processes for the successful software package SAP APO DP. Learn all variants of Exponential Smoothing and Regression available in DP, and understand the pitfalls of SAP's automatic model selection, trend-models, outlier correction, and how error measures are defined differently. SAP APO-DP Advanced Course Brochure

In addition, the Lancaster Centre for Forecasting offers individual one-to-one training on the job, giving individual support to tackle new methods and systems in order to bring new team members up to a desired level of knowledge.

IIF Certificate of Forecasting

The Lancaster Centre for Forecasting in collaboration with the International Institute of Forecasters (IIF) offers the Certificate of Forecasting to participants of our courses. You can find more details here.

Why choose Lancaster?

  • Professionalism: Courses are designed and taught by professional educators, with many years of teaching experience in developing courses, defining learning objectives and learning modes up to university level. Don't get caught in a course run by practitioners or consultants with little teaching experience.
  • Expertise: All trainers are experts in their respective areas of forecasting, both on the latest level of theoretical research but also implementing it in real projects with leading multinational companies. This ensures you can always transform the results of our latest theoretical research into practice. 
  • Course design: Guaranteed small teaching groups of approx. 10-12 students, in contrast to 20-40 in other courses. This allows us to work with you hands-on using real data, running resource intensive hands-on exercises in MS Excel and specialised forecasting tools. A mere call to bring along your laptop with support from trained staff.
  • Resources: In addition to presentation material handouts and MS Excel template-solutions including popular forecasting methods (readily implemented for you to use outside the course), each participant will receive a complimentary copy of the latest forecasting book Principles of Business Forecasting by Professors Robert Fildes (a course leader) and Keith Ord.

Please contact us to find the most suitable form of training to tackle your current organisational challenges.