Centre for Personal Development

The Centre for Personal Development focuses on bespoke personal development for directors, aspiring directors and their teams.

We work collaboratively with other centres of excellence at Lancaster, where leading-edge research is being conducted in related fields of learning, such as the Centre for Performance-Led HR and the Centre for Strategic Management.

The Centre for Personal Development is able to bring significant benefits to senior executives and their organisations by ensuring the learning design is grounded in an 'inside out' approach to the development of senior leaders. This approach, combined with critically reflective learning processes, encourages participants to challenge themselves and their assumptions about leadership.

Bespoke interventions

We deliver bespoke development interventions that are subject to robust diagnostics and evaluation strategies which involve collaborative engagement with key stakeholders from your organisation. Our emphasis on personal development ensures that the senior leader is in charge of their learning, with access to a range of learning experiences, supported by contact with academics and practitioners from diverse organisational settings.

Keys to success

The keys to our, and your, success are: sound diagnostics; building trust with learners; clear alignment with organisational priorities; and, learning methods that ensure sustainable outcomes. The positioning of the Centre within the wider community at Lancaster means that we can leverage the capabilities of the three research centres, specific academic research and substantial networks of senior leaders and practising managers in all sectors.

Core activities

The core activities of the Centre for Personal Development include:

  • Individual development through personal growth programmes, self directed learning and executive coaching. This includes the talent management of potential executives and the effective transition of leaders at key stages in their career path.
  • The development of senior teams, non-executive and executive members of boards. A combination of workshops, facilitated learning, coaching and mentoring used to develop the capabilities of new board members and bring collaborative practices to senior teams.
  • The delivery of organisation development interventions tailored to meet strategic imperatives and business objectives. The development of both senior and middle management capability is used to facilitate change.

The Centre has collaborative projects with the School of Health and Medicine at Lancaster, specifically with the Centre for Organisational Health and Well-Being (Professor Susan Cartwright and Professor Cary Cooper) and the International Observatory on End of Life Care (Professor Sheila Payne), giving a practical understanding of the issues of developing directors in the not-for-profit and public sectors.