Executive Masterclasses

“… Really powerful thought processes. Got me thinking differently.”

“… Very useful in identifying some of our blind spots – great input.”

“… Great atmosphere to open up discussion in a trusted environment.”

“… Enjoyed the dialogue very much. Thanks for a great day and useful learning and insights.”

The Centre for Performance-Led HR (CPHR) within Lancaster University Management School has designed a series of short courses (Executive Masterclasses) tailored to meet the needs of senior HR professionals/partners and mid-senior executives responsible for, or involved in the practice of, organisational design, talent management, HR strategy and employee engagement. HR Magazine has recently discussed the challenges of ensuring that HR education is aligned to the business context, featuring the Centre's programme.

Each one-day Masterclass, which is designed on a customised basis for organisations that wish to run them for their teams, can be taken as a standalone course, or can be linked together as part of a CPHR executive programme.

Prior to attending each course, participants will be provided with access to:

  • CPHR case studies on the topics
  • video resources on these case studies or on key Masterclass principles
  • CPHR bespoke analytical tools

TheMasterclasses can be used to bring live material to the Masterclass and personalised questions for the experts.

Time is also available for one-on-one individual or team advice on specific HR issues and real-time challenges faced by the participant’s own organisation. If further sessions and discussion are required, personalised coaching or consultancy can be offered.

Additionally, participants will benefit from continued follow-up from the Centre including access to link personally with the Centre and access to the online resource platform to share ideas, ask questions and gain a different perspective.

The CPHR executive programme consists of five one-day Masterclasses, each developed to provide standalone knowledge and knowhow on current research to enable HR professionals to understand, undertake and influence change within their organisation. The Executive Masterclasses will give any HR professional an excellent overview and insight into current HR thinking, strategy and case study example.

Each Masterclass is taught by world-leading experts in HR who work routinely with top HR directors to overcome the most pressing issues facing senior HR specialists today. The core speakers include: Professor Paul Sparrow, Director of the Centre of Performance-Led HR and one of the UK’s leading authorities on international HR and its management; , Executive Director of the Centre for Performance-Led HR, an ex-HR Director for BAE Systems, McLaren Group and Royal Mail; and Professor Cary Cooper CBE, co-founder of the Centre for Performance-Led HR and Professor of Organisational Psychology and Health, author of more than 100 books and one of Britain's most quoted business gurus.


All Masterclasses can take place on the organisation's own site, or at a central London venue, or can be hosted here at Lancaster University.


Each individual Executive Masterclass:

  • Non-sponsors: £850 per delegate
  • Sponsors/alumni: £700 per delegate

Programme of five Executive Masterclasses:

  • Non-sponsors: £4,000 per delegate
  • Sponsors/alumni: £3,250 per delegate

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