Special Interest Groups

"Informative and enjoyable as ever."

"Always really good meetings and great insights."

"Exciting event!"

"The SIG day was fantastic."

"I have been to a number of these networks and the CPHR one is the best of the lot."

Membership to the Centre generates excellent networking opportunities. HR Directors and their teams benefit from the informal Special Interest Group meetings (SIGs) hosting the day and setting the agenda allowing them to discuss the most relevant current topics of the moment.

These groups are self-organising, tasked with establishing meetings, exchanges of knowledge and repositories of knowledge. Each network involves a partner leader, Centre leader and various HR practitioners from the members. They can draw upon broader expertise, brokerage of leading HR research, and other external networks and resources. They are tasked with helping produce material for White Papers and positioning documents.

These SIGs, open to the functional specialists within HR of sponsor organisations, serve three purposes. They:

  • help sharpen up Centre research, by interpreting emerging findings and applying the themes to practice
  • act as an advanced form of executive education, through which the individuals involved are not only kept up to date on issues, but share understanding across other organisations and deepen their professional expertise
  • provide the opportunity for joint writing and internal research with professionals from other organisations on mutually challenging issues

There are three core SIGs on organisation effectiveness, employee engagement and talent management, and two recent SIGs have begun on HR strategy and global HR.