Programme information

What is the programme about?

  • Promoting and supporting change towards an environmentally sustainable future
  • Developing individual and collective leadership capabilities to effectively embed change
  • Inspiring creativity and innovation through sharing best practice, ideas, frameworks and individual experiences of taking leadership for change
  • Developing ways to balance competing priorities and stakeholder interests

Who is the programme for?

  • Individuals with the potential to be tomorrow’s senior managers
  • People with an interest in promoting innovation and change towards a sustainable vision of the future
  • People from different disciplines and sectors who are interested in developing their networks, in group learning and in sharing experiences

Organisational benefits

  • Help shape your journey towards environmental sustainability
  • Provide a challenging development opportunity to help inspire and retain high potential individuals
  • Engage with other leading businesses to share best practice and learning.
  • Support individuals to take action on key problems
  • Enhance your leadership development activities by expanding their scope and investing in key skills to facilitate organizational change

Individual benefits

  • Work at the forefront of ideas for a sustainable future
  • Improve your effectiveness at influencing organizational change
  • Develop a network of peers and share learning, challenges and successes
  • Enhance self awareness and the ability to integrate your own values into leadership behaviours
  • Develop a systemic approach to problem solving and implement new ideas