Workshops in detail

PLEASE NOTE: this page describes the features of the workshops on the first programme. Some amendments will be made for future iterations, and the programme can be tailored to specific organisational requirements.

Workshops 1 & 2: Mapping sustainability issues; Taking leadership for sustainability


  • Presentations on the science and politics of climate change
  • Presentation on the business challenges and opportunities of sustainability in the North West
  • Introductions to action learning and the LSLN
  • Development of the learning community
  • Starting participants' individual project work

Workshop 3: Practising sustainability organisation-wide

The workshop will feature: a case study of an organisation that has integrated attention to sustainability organisation-wide and at multiple levels. This will give programme participants opportunities to critically evaluate the case, discuss what is happening in their own organisations, and consider potential next steps in achieving impacts for sustainability.

Note: Each workshop will also include some time in Action Learning sets for participants to review their actions so far and plan next steps.

Workshop 4: Systemic thinking for complex issues

Scope: The journey towards environmental sustainability is complex and multi-faceted. Thinking systemically, rather than in isolation, will be key to ensure that environmental, economic and social benefits result and that any changes become embedded. This workshop will explore how to apply systemic thinking in action for leadership. 

Workshop 5: Organisational change for sustainability

Features: Embedding a more sustainable business model requires significant organisational change. This workshop will explore the issues around influencing and facilitating change. These include identifying and engaging key stakeholders, influencing from a position of limited official power, understanding and working with organisational politic. The workshop will draw on theories and models that can be applied in real life situations as well as learning from the experiences of people who have successfully played the change agent role.

Workshop 6: Reviewing leadership learning and planning next steps

What have we learned? This workshop will provide the opportunity to reflect and share the learning achieved throughout the programme and the challenges and successes that participants have experienced. There will also be time to look ahead to create an action plan for next steps.