Leadership for Sustainability Learning Network

The Learning for Sustainability Network (LSLN) is web-based learning network which we have developed for people who want to engage with other individuals, organisations and communities who care about, and are working for, a sustainable future.

It is specifically designed to promote and facilitate learning, connecting and sharing through attention to democratic and collaborative processes of knowledge construction and encouragement of inclusive dialogue. It invites exchange of experiences and resources, as well as of accounts of interests and achievements.

The network is intended to be an engaging place to meet that connects people across organisations, sectors and communities in the North West and beyond. The aim being to enhance people’s effectiveness in taking action for sustainability. We do not want to compete with existing networks, but to provide a co-ordinating resource, making use of advanced virtual tools to support learning and other networking possibilities.

How does it work?

The leadership for sustainability learning network is web-based and has been designed to support communication, interaction and the sharing of experiences, work and resources.

It has a core set of features - which include:-

  • The Agora – where important conversation, inquiry, reflection and critical discussion can take place between members

  • Group spaces – where communities, groups and organisations can share their aspirations and learning at a collective level. It is possible to join existing groups or start your own.

  • Personal spaces – where LSLN members can create their own space/information and profile. There are also personal blogs to share own experiences and ideas.

  • Sharing resources – for sharing all manner of files and digital resources such as audio files or documents as well as photos and videos

Who is it for?

This initiative is intended to support the learning and action of people and networks concerned about sustainability issues and trying to make a difference. The design of the LSLN evolves and develops with the members who join and shape it, to keep it relevant, alive and effective.

Membership to the LSLN is on an application and based on a simple proforma requesting reasons for wanting to join. We look forward to receiving applications.