Economics alumni profiles

Find out what our graduates thought of their time studying Economics at LUMS, and how their study has helped them in their careers.





Rowena Shu-Chun Huang

MSc Money, Banking & Finance, 2006

Rowena took a year out from her job as a manager at one of Taiwan's major banks to take the MSc Money, Banking and Finance.

Malcolm Brady

PhD Economics, 2005

Malcolm works as a Senior Lecturer at DCU Business School.

Xiaolan Fu

PhD Economics, 2003

After graduation, Xiaolan was involved in research at the University of Cambridge and then moved to the University of Oxford.

Nahed Taher

PhD Economics, 2001

Previously the CEO of Gulf One Investment Bank, Nahed was voted one of the 'world's most powerful 100 women' by in 2006.

Vidya Mahambare

PhD Economics, 2001

Vidya currently works as an Associate Professor of Economics and Finance at Great Lakes Institute of Management in India.

Ching-Fu Chen

PhD Economics, 2000

Since 2013, Ching-Fu has served as the Director General of the Transport Bureau in Taiwan.