Hang Liu

Country of origin: China

PhD Student, Lancaster University

LUMS provides a variety of module choices for students from different backgrounds. For me, an appealing factor was the focus on mathematical skills. I chose to study MSc Quantitative Finance, which is an interdisciplinary major that explores financial topics with mathematical and computer programming skills.

Writing the dissertation was a nice journey for me, which was a chance to deeply explore an interesting topic. I also got to know my supervisor, who was so kind and patient in guiding me how to do a research and write a good dissertation. With his help, I was awarded the Best Dissertation Prize and the Best Academic Performance Prize.

The university life at Lancaster enabled me to be close to nature. In my spare time, I would wander to the river to see the ducks swimming. In the spring and summer time, colourful flowers are everywhere and decorate the campus beautifully. The quiet university life at Lancaster is very different from my previous university life in China. For me, living in the great natural environment is one of the greatest things to me at Lancaster.

The study experience at Lancaster provided more possibilities for my life. At the beginning, the courses were quite new to me and I had to adapt quickly. The fact that I had no knowledge on computer programming, which is an indispensable skill for MSc Quantitative Finance, made the studying harder for me. By working hard after school hours, I became more familiar with computer programming and I achieved 91% for the coursework of Optimisation and Heuristics. Also, I achieved 92% and 100% for the exams of two statistics courses, for which I became more certain with my strong ability in dealing with mathematics. In short, not only did I gain knowledge and skills from it, I became more confident and knew myself better.

Since I was awarded the Best Dissertation Prize and the Best Academic Performance Prize, my department offered 200 pounds for my performance. Due to the good academic records and the research experience with my supervisor, I succeed in the application of the ESRC scholarship for my PhD study.

I will continue my PhD study in Statistics at Lancaster University from October 2017. In my opinion, the statistics courses and computer programming courses in MSc Quantitative Finance, along with the research experience with my supervisor, will be very helpful in my future study.