Alex Maura Mundo

Country of origin: Spain

Actuarial Associate, PwC

Before coming to Lancaster, I had studied in Physics at the University of Barcelona. Despite having studied physics, I knew that I didn't want to work as a physicist as I was much more interested in a career in finance or economics. Because of that, I decided that a quantitative role in the financial sector would be ideal for me because it would enable me to combine my interest in finance and economics with the math skills gained in my physics degree. After that, I made the decision to study an MSc in Quantitative Finance and I chose Lancaster University for its good reputation and the content of the courses of the MSc in Quantitative Finance there. 

The MSc provided me with many of the skills that employers are looking for: applying mathematical capabilities to solve complex financial problems, increasing my expertise in economics and my awareness of what is going on in the markets, programming in R, VBA and C++, pricing complex financial products...

I was very involved in student societies and I was course representative of the MSc during the first term. These helped me have a more active social life and develop interpersonal skills. They also made my time at Lancaster much more fun.

My experience at Lancaster was the key factor that helped me obtain my current job as an actuary at PwC. In my job, I typically need to make use of the knowledge and skills I gained in some MSc courses like 'Extreme value methods' or 'Financial Markets'. 

To sum up, my experience at Lancaster was very positive personally and, in addition to that, extremely helpful to develop my career. I would strongly recommend the MSc Quantitative Finance to anyone who wants to pursue a career as an actuary, analyst, researcher or similar.