Oluyemi Fadahunsi

Country of origin: Nigeria

Transactions & Restructuring Analyst, KPMG (Nigeria)

The Master’s programme in Quantitative Finance at Lancaster University was a very good experience for me. Prior to starting the programme, I had just completed a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at Babcock University in Nigeria. Hoping to get myself into the fast-paced and rigorous world of finance, I started doing some research on the type of postgraduate education that would provide me with the opportunity to acquire in-depth financial knowledge as well as allowing me to apply some computer science skills.

On doing my research, I found that the QF programme at Lancaster University was the right option for me. I chose Lancaster University for two reasons. Firstly, the course contents were designed to give me a good understanding of many financial concepts and methods and were in line with my personal objectives earlier stated. Secondly, the reputation of Lancaster University, and LUMS in particular, meant that I had the opportunity to become part of a very successful network of alumni.

The programme was a good challenge for me and made sure I was able to improve my analytical and quantitative skills. I was pleased to have very intelligent classmates and tutors who added a lot of value to me and pushed me very hard intellectually through regular course works and lab sessions. Retrospectively, I am proud that I was able to make good use of some of the facilities like the library and Learning Zone to help me achieve success in MSc QF.

I also found that the programme directors were very approachable. We had regular meetings with them to discuss any difficulties that we might have with the course and with student life in general. Lancaster University has the best student accommodation in the UK, so campus life was very good. I also used the Sport Centre and the football pitches regularly and in the process made good friends who were from different parts of the globe. Night life was also quite nice anytime I had the opportunity to go out.

After graduating from Lancaster University, I sat for and passed the CFA Level 1 Programme. In addition to that, I was able to secure an internship for a boutique investment bank in Nigeria. In that capacity, I was able to apply a lot of the skills both taught and self-obtained during the QF programme to my daily duties. A good example was having to write a VBA macro to solve a problem in my first week on the job. Currently, I have secured a role with KPMG Nigeria as a Transactions and Restructuring Analyst. I am looking forward to the challenge and hope to assert myself as a full-fledged finance professional who studied at Lancaster University.