Zhaoxian Huang

Country of origin: China

Risk Management, GF Futures

Before joining the Quantitative Finance MSc at Lancaster University Management School, I studied Financial Engineering at Xiamen University in China. The four-year undergraduate programme equipped me with a basic knowledge of finance and mathematics, and after that I intended to continue in-depth study in this field. Among several choices, the MSc Quantitative Finance at Lancaster attracted me most because of its reputation and programme content.

In my view, what stands out in this programme is the unique combination of finance, economics, mathematics and programming. It builds up indispensable skills to get into the financial industry. All we learnt on the programme – such as financial theory and modelling, mathematics and statistics programming, and risk assessment – is essential for anyone wanting a career as a quantitative analyst.

Academic life is always busy at Lancaster. The lectures are followed by workshops, homework and projects, and these tasks really consolidate your knowledge and extend your personal capability. During the programme we were lucky to have a rare opportunity to visit companies in the City of London, thereby gaining a deep and lasting impression of world-leading financial institutions.

After graduation, I gained a job in the Risk Management Department of GF Futures in China. I now apply the quantitative analysis and technical skills learnt from the MSc programme daily in my job. The MSc Quantitative Finance is definitely a practical programme of real worth!