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The latest boom and bust in international housing markets has generated a renewed interest in the dynamics of house prices. The UK Housing Observatory is a project of the Economics Department at Lancaster University Management School (LUMS) aimed at improving our understanding of the UK national and regional housing markets. 

We perform real-time monitoring of domestic real estate markets both at the national and regional level. We generate indicators of house price exuberance and also produce the most comprehensive publicly available forecasts of house price growth for 1,2,3 and 4 quarters ahead for the national and regional markets in the UK*. For details of the methodology please visit the Articles section. For further details about the forecasting methodology see Yusupova A., 2016. "An Econometric Analysis of U.K. Regional Real Estate Markets".

The results are updated every quarter (January, April, July, October) when the latest house price data becomes available (for details about the data release dates please visit the Nationwide House Price webpage). Description of the economic series used for the analysis and links to the data sources can be found in the Data section.

Our research is not confined to the UK real estate market alone. We work in cooperation with the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas Globalization and Monetary Policy Institute on providing similar indicators for international house price data, which are available at the webpage of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.

* Disclaimer

Although the Contents contained herein are provided under the highest professional standards in the generation of these forecasts, the UK Housing Observatory does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any information contained herein. The UK Housing Observatory specifically disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to the use of this information or any results with respect thereto. In addition, the information contained herein shall in no way be construed to constitute a recommendation by the UK Housing Observatory with respect to the purchase or sale of any investment, security or its derivatives.



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