Labour and Education Economics

Our Department has a long-standing international reputation in Education and Labour Economics.

Geraint Johnes founded the journal Education Economics in 1993 and remained editor for 10 years, while Jill Johnes was Book Review editor over the same period. With the later work of Steve Bradley and Colin Green as successive editors it has become a leading journal in its field. 

Ian Walker has served as Editor-in-Chief of Labour Economics, is a Fellow of the European Economic Association (EEA) and a member of the Executive of the European Association of Labour Economics (EALE).

Rob Simmons has served as the President of the North American Association of Sports Economists and is current editor of International Journal of Sport Finance.

Colin Green and Giuseppe Migali organise the annual International Workshop on Applied of Economics of Education (IWAEE), while Green is associated editor at the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization.

Giorgio Brunello currently acts as associate editor of the Economics of Education Review. John Heywood is currently Distinguished Visiting Scholar in the Department.

Current research by this group focuses on a range of issues including cross-country evidence on school to work transitions, the efficiency of education provision, labour market performance in transition economies, executive compensation, and the economics of professional sports markets. Recently, the group has diversified into health economics in collaboration with the Division of Health Research (DHR) in the Medical Faculty. This has led to a range of projects including the effect of winter fuel payments on elderly health (ESRC-Funded) and the effect of alcohol availability on a range of outcomes such as traffic accidents and workplace absenteeism. In addition, there are several ESRC CASE/MRC funded PhD students that are jointly supervised with DHR.

For further details of individual research and publications in these area, see staff profiles.

Potential PhD topics

The group would particularly welcome applications from well-qualified candidates interested in pursuing PhD study in any of the following areas: the Economics of Education, Labour Economics, Sports Economics and Personnel Economics.