About the lab

LExEL’s physical facilities are located in LUMS Room B36.

The lab consists of 15 networked Windows laptops, each situated within a partition-separated testing station. The lab equipment therefore may in principle be taken into the field for running ‘artefactual’ or ‘framed’ field experiments. At the front of the lab there is a large partition, from behind which the experimenter may run the session without disturbing (or being observed by) the experimental participants. The experimenter’s server machine has two displays, one for the LanSchool computer management software and one for the z-Tree experiment software.

Experiment sessions are scheduled and participant recruitment is managed with an ORSEE system installation.  The ORSEE-registered pool of participants is composed primarily, though not exclusively, of LUMS students.

Experiments run under the auspices of LExEL, whether on-site within the B36 lab or off-site, must be in full conformity with the University’s Research Ethics Code of Practice. In addition, LExEL ethics and operating protocols are designed to conform with the more restrictive ethical and methodological requirements of experimental economics. Most notably, any form of deception is strictly forbidden in economics experiments. Hence all experiments run under the auspices of LExEL also adhere to the LExEL Ethics Statement.