PhD Economics alumni profiles

Most of our doctoral graduates obtain faculty positions at universities all over the world. A smaller number find employment in the public or private sector. Find out what they think of the research environment in the department.



Ayesha Ali

PhD Economics, 2016

Following completion of her PhD, Ayesha accepted a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Tennessee.

Shane Murphy

PhD Economics, 2016

Shane is currently a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Tennessee.

Peng Wang

PhD Economics, 2015

Peng served as an Associate Lecturer at Lancaster University and has recently joined ING Wholesale Banking as a Risk Analyst.

Sofia Izquierdo-Sanchez

PhD Economics, 2015

After graduation, Sofia went on to become a lecturer in the School of Economics at the University of East Anglia.

Anwen Zhang

PhD Economics, 2015

After graduation, Anwen began to work as a Research Associate at Cambridge University.

Pakchira Nugbanleng

PhD Economics, 2014

Pakchira is working as a Lecturer at Naresuan University International College in Thailand.

Vasilis Pappas

PhD Economics, 2013

Vasilis's PhD research focused on Islamic finance. He is now a Lecturer in Finance at the University of Bath.

Jasleen Sindhu

PhD Economics, 2008

Jasleen currently works as an Associate Director (Quant) in a research and advisory firm in New Dehli.

Tatiana Boroditskaya

PhD Economics, 2008

Tatiana is now working as Director, Corporate Credit Analyst at UBS Wealth Management.

Franz Buscha

PhD Economics, 2007

Franz is now the PhD Director of the Westminster Business School.

Babatunde Buraimo

PhD Economics, 2006

After graduating from Lancaster, Babatunde became a Senior Lecturer at the University of Liverpool.

Malcolm Brady

PhD Economics, 2005

Malcolm works as a Senior Lecturer at DCU Business School.