Babatunde Buraimo

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Senior Lecturer, University of Liverpool

The main reason why I chose to study at LUMS was the quality of research staff. I was particularly impressed with the research of Professor Robert Simmons and his authoritative insights on the economics of sports. At the time, economic research on professional sports teams was limited, but some of the most influential research in this area was being produced Professor Simmons. In addition, the research being produced by the Economics Department was world renowned. So, I found the combination of a world renowned expert and an excellent Economics Department just too attractive.

My PhD experience at LUMS was extraordinary and I look back at it with fond memories. What made it so great was the quality of research supervision and support that I received; this was first class in every respect. Once I had completed some research training modules, I was making some significant progress. One of the most rewarding features of being a research student at LUMS was the support and encouragement in publishing. By the time of my PhD viva, I had published a number of articles in leading economics journals and that was a brilliant position to be in.

My experience of being a PhD student at Lancaster was great. I met and got to work with some wonderful people who were supportive and friendly. I graduated in 2006, but I still maintain close links with LUMS in a social and professional capacity.

I am now a Senior Lecturer at the Management School of the University of Liverpool. Were it not for my PhD and the high quality research publications, this would not have been possible. The skills that I’ve developed during my time at LUMS have given me the platform to join a world renowned university. This would not have been possible without the supportive and friendly staff at LUMS.